Driving Lesson Cost: Average Prices to Expect for Driving Lessons in Las Vegas Nevada

How much does driving lessons cost?

And how many lessons do I need?


For someone who needs to learn how to drive, driving lesson cost may be a deciding factor.

The typical cost of a driving schools varies greatly between states and cities, and is affected by the cost of gasoline.


Online drivers ed may cost between $30 - $40 for the required 30 hours. for teens under 18.

Actual road lessons between $100- $150 per session. Most driving schools like ours however offer a complete driving lesson package.

How to Get the Best Deal on Driving Lessons

Getting the best deal on a driving lessons involves some research including reading online reviews from trusted sources such as Yelp and Google reviews.

Compare not just the driving schools but the actual training offered during the driving lessons.

Not all instructors are the same either. Instructors come with a wide variety of experience and personality differences.

Another resource is the actual Nevada DMV. The government agency provides a list of licensed and approved driving schools.

Which Driving School and Instructor Is the Best Fit for You?

Driving schools offer lessons for different purposes and ages. There are traffic violation lessons, teen lessons, mature driving lessons and defensive driving lessons.


In taking these lessons, drivers learn the rules of the road and practice driving under the supervision of professionals trained in instructing individuals of all ages.

Don't Use Just the Cost

This is usually the first thing looked at, but it shouldn't be the only criteria. Some schools are less expensive for a reason.


Some schools save money by employing unqualified instructors or using an inadequate curriculum. These are important factors which must be looked at in conjunction with the price. Use the Internet to see if these schools have public reviews or call your local DMV, which will always have driving school recommendations.


Many places offer a payment plan which can make a more expensive driving school affordable.

Visit the Website and School
Start with the driving school website. It should be easy to understand. Verify that it is licensed by the state of Nevada.

This shows that the school is in line with Nevada state laws and regulations.


Also rate the driving school customer service received. Make sure you get answers to your questions about lesson cost etc.

Next, physically check out the school. You want to have a comfortable driving experience with the school and staff. If possible, speak to an instructor. Ask about schedule accommodation. Many schools offer morning classes, evening classes and even weekend classes, so you should be able to find a personalized fit for your schedule.


Examine the Driving School Vehicles Used

Some schools provide vehicles which can be used for lessons and driving exams. Others allow personal vehicles to be used instead. If they provide vehicles, make sure the one driven is the one you want to learn on. Does the school provide just cars, or are SUV's and trucks available? Ask if they have both automatic and stick vehicles available. Make sure the car you are learning in is similar to the car you plan to be driving on a normal basis.


Can You Take Driving School Lessons in Any Car?

Each state controls the issuing of drivers license and every state has its own rules and regulations in regards to driving schools and instructors. While some states allow you to use your own car for driving lessons, other states require you to use the driving school car. It is best to check not only with your local driving schools but also your local DMV to determine what you state's requirements are. While some schools allow you to use your own car many require you to use your vehicle. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • Dual control.Most driving school cars have a second brake pedal on the instructors side of the vehicle. This allows them to bring the vehicle to a stop if the new driver panics or loses control for any reason. Many of the vehicles have a second steering wheel as well

  • Properly maintenance.When driving schools use their own vehicle, they know they are driving a properly maintained vehicle that has been serviced regularly and is safe for the instructor and student

  • Fully insured. A driving school vehicle will be properly insured in case of an accident

Driving School Games

Although a driving school game is never a substitute for real life driving experience, a game can be an excellent and enjoyable way to become familiar with some of the laws and rules of the road. There are many excellent 3-D games now available that can help you learn the basics of driving and help to reinforce what you learn behind the wheel of an automobile.

How Driving School Games Can Help
A good driving school game is designed to simulate the actual driving experience of an automobile as realistically as possible, and while no simulation can replace the real thing - 3D driving games have made great strides in helping drivers practice before actually sitting in the driver's seat.

3D driving games come in several varieties such as student/teacher type games, simple practice driving games and chase and pursuit games. While the objectives of the games are often very different, almost all will require that you become familiar with basic driving rules and regulations.

In this regard, the games can help you become comfortable with recognizing common traffic signals and signs, learn how to yield and negotiate intersections as well as many other common skills needed to successfully operate an automobile.

Types of Popular Driving School Games
These days, driving games are available in a wide number of formats. For instance, you can purchase practice driving games in formats for the PC or Macintosh as well as for popular console games like the Sony Play Station, Microsoft X-Box or Nintendo Wii. You can even purchase driving games for handheld game players as well.

In most cases you can play the games using only a keyboard, mouse or standard game controller. However, if you really want to get a realistic feel of driving, you may opt to purchase additional accessories such as a steering wheel controller, gas and brake pedals and even a gear shifter module. Most driving simulation games are designed for use with these optional accessories and are much more life-like and usable when played with these components.

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