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Night Driving Lessons in Las Vegas




Nevada Drive Academy offers night driving lessons for our students.

Fatal crash risk is higher at night for all drivers, but especially for young, inexperienced drivers

In Nevada, teens planning on getting their drivers license before the age of 18 are required to do 10 hours of night driving. This is part of the GDL, Graduated Licensing Program.


We can help parents meet the requirement during the winter months.

We offer individual night driving sessions as well as a complete 10 hour lesson package.

We can drive through downtown Las Vegas, MCcarran airport and other areas including less lit back roads, freeways and highways. 

Night driving sessions are already included with our 2 and 3 Week Driving Courses as well as our
50 hour Driving Course.

Night Driving Tips

  • We sometimes practice in the students personal vehicle. The first thing we often notice is dirty windows.  Make sure all windows and mirrors are cleaned before driving at night.

  • Be wide awake. Drowsiness and night driving do not mix.

  • Know how to turn on high beams and when you can and cannot use them.

  • Pedestrians are very difficult to see at night even on well lit city streets.

  • Know how to adjust your dash gauge lights to turn the brightness down if needed.

  • Increase driving distance and drive slower at night.

  • It's more difficult to see debris in the road.

  • Other drivers may be drunk and even forget to turn on their headlights.

  • It is more difficult to see drivers running a red light as you proceed through the intersection.

  • Rain at night greatly reduces the visibility even more.

  • Carry a emergency road kit that includes flash light, reflective triangles or flares. And a jacket with reflective tape.

  • Avoid looking directly into oncoming headlights.

  • If someone has their brights on, you can flash yours to advise them. At some intersections however the road may be elevated, it appears that the cars facing you have their high beams.

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