Senior Driving Evaluation

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Very professional.
A  great way to refresh my driving skills as a senior citizen
Kenneth 1/24/17

Nevada Drive Academy of Las Vegas Senior Driving Evaluation includes a certificate that can be presented to a physician.

As we all age some of our cognitive functions diminish. Often family members are concerned for the safety of a senior.


Nevada Drive Academy of Las Vegas help evaluate the most important skills both motor skills, sight including distance and depth perception and overall awareness including adherence to Nevada and Las Vegas traffic regulations.

With our on road driving evaluation it is possible that modifications can be suggested on driving habits to compensate for some of these losses resulting in a safer driving experience.

Reasons to Consider a Senior Driving Evaluation Assessment

  • If you feel your driving continues to be fine, you may appreciate having your opinion seconded by a professional driving instructor with the background and experience to verify your confidence to drive on Las Vegas roadways.

  • If you are “feeling your age” – not seeing quite as well as you once did, experiencing slowed reaction time or a loss of flexibility – you may benefit from knowing whether or how much these changes may affect your new strategies or tips to keep your driving skills sharp.

  • If you have one or more medical conditions – chronic diseases such as arthritis or diabetic neuropathy, or physical limitations that may lead to a loss of range of motion, flexibility, or strength in your arms or legs – you may also benefit from an evaluation assessment. Moreover, an evaluation/assessment may provide you with a plan for rehabilitation, if appropriate.

  • If you have suffered a loss of peripheral vision, depth perception, or other vision related change, a driving evaluation would be most helpful.

  • If you have been told that you should stop driving, but you’re not sure that you agree, you could benefit by getting an opinion from a dmv licensed driving instructor. The evaluation is an extremely thorough process; you will get a recommendation assessment that takes a complete picture of your driving skills and abilities into account. It will include an assessment of your current driving ability and your potential for improvement. How to stay safe on Las Vegas streets.

  • If you would like to resume driving after a period of non-driving, you could benefit from getting a driving “checkup.” For example, if you stopped driving after an illness such as a stroke, an evaluation could show you what effects, if any, the stroke had on your ability to drive safely. The assessment could also point out strategies, rehabilitation therapies, or special equipment that could help you drive safely again. Senior drivers sometimes find that, after a period of recovery time, some professional coaching and driver retraining can help prepare them to get back behind the wheel.

  • If a change of circumstances affects where or how much you drive, senior drivers may benefit from a driving evaluation to sharpen skills and build confidence. Some examples of changes include recently moving to another areas of Las Vegas or changing family roles.

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* Only a licensed medical professional can notify the DMV of an impairment.

Our evaluation is an opinion only. We are not a licensed rehab school.

If you are looking for a certified specialist you can contact


Adaptive Driving
Address: 505 E Capovilla Ave # 105, Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 497-3250

Specific rules in Nevada for older senior drivers:

  • Nevada Drivers 65 and older must renew every four years.

  • Those senior Nevada Drivers 70 and older renewing by mail must supply a vision and medical report. Those 70 and older may not renew by Internet.

Standard Nevada driver's license renewal

  • License renewed: Nevada is transitioning to a renewal cycle of every eight years instead of four.

  • Renewal conditions:  Either in person, by mail, or online (for those under age 70) depending on whether driver was born in an odd or even-numbered year.

  • Vision test: Yes, in person.

  • Written test: No.

  • Road test: No

For more information

State of Nevada 
Department of Motor Vehicles 

555 Wright Way 
Carson City, NV 89711 
702-486-4368 (Las Vegas area) 
775-684-4368 (Reno/Carson) 
877 368-7828 (rural Nevada)