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Nevada Driver Academy helps nervous drivers become more confident.
Over the years we have had many students with various anxieties over driving. Often these individuals stop driving all together. People that have had accidents in the past or witnessed a traffic accident or has general phobias.
We have had 100% success in helping drivers overcome their nervousness and anxiety about driving.
We have the best driving instructors for nervous drivers. Our teaching method involves patient understanding, various breathing and visual techniques that help overcome the anxiety often experienced driving in heavier traffic. Our best driving instructors will also address problem areas around Las Vegas that you feel uncomfortable navigating. We will take a step by step process to develop your confidence and overcome the nervous anxiety you are feeling.

You can do it ! Let us help you get there.
Here are a few students we have helped.

Jeff is an amazing and patient instructor. I am a seasoned driver, however I was apprehensive about getting behind the wheel after I lost my 19 year old son in an auto accident. Jeff was very quick to put me at ease and very quickly I felt like I had never stopped driving for over 2 years. I would HIGHLY recommend Jeff to a beginner or anyone that may need a refresher like I did!! 9/21/2017

Lisa H

I was frustrated and hopeless about driving and getting my driving license until I came across Nevada Driving Academy. Jeff is a great instructor who is extremely calm and knowledgeable about the rules of the road. He made it an enjoyable experience to learn how to drive. I would recommend this school to anyone at any age. C. Mapes   6/12/17

We're my goals met? Absolutely! I was in a horrible car accident in 2015 which is why I never tried to get my license. I was terrified of driving. Jeff is incredibly patient. I can be a little too careful and ask a million questions and he would answer everyone of them. I strongly recommend him because I can tell he actually wants to help others

Joana 03/27/17.  Yelp

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Driver’s anxiety can be caused by a number of different factors, although it is rarely if ever genetically inherited. In some cases it can develop unexpectedly, without any known cause, but in many cases it is the cause of previous traumatic incidents. One example is persistent negative reinforcement during one’s period of driver education. For instance, if when learning how to drive you are constantly yelled at or excessively chastised, this may cause long-term driver’s anxiety.


A traumatic incident, such as an accident or near-collision, could also be the cause. Excessive exposure to Las Vegas news about traffic accidents, could be another trigger. The daily stress of commuting in Las Vegas high-traffic areas could also lead to chronic attacks of nervous anxiety while driving.

When driving, don’t feel as if you need to drive in what drivers say is the fast lane or drive in a way that you are uncomfortable with.


If you are anxious about driving on the Las Vegas freeway for example, it may be best to remain in the right hand lane.


If you haven’t driven for a while or feel overwhelmed when behind the wheel of your car, then take short trips and work your way towards longer drives.

And its best not to drive as a passenger with someone that does not drive in a safe manner.


It is also important that you do not take rush trips. Its always best to allow enough time to reach your destination to avoid feeling hurried while driving.


In addition, consciously obeying the rules of the road and keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle will also go a long way in alleviating fears and nervousness of driving. If you are prone to attacks of nervous anxiety, it is important that you learn to recognize what the impending signs of an attack are so that you can confront and potentially head them off. Often taking a few deep breaths, repeating affirmations, or if necessary, pulling over for a few moments will help too !

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