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50 Hour Driving Course

This course completes the Nevada requirements for teens and more

Urban and Rural Environments
Includes trips to: 
Mount Charleston, Red Rock, Boulder City

Mcarran Airport, Night driving on the strip

All freeways around Las Vegas
It is important parents stay involved with their teen's driver training.

Here  is an article on your all important role
Parent Teen Driver Report

Note: 50 hours is only a starting point in a person's lifetime of driving.
What can be achieved is solid fundamental skills in terms of handling a vehicle under different road conditions and driving environments. Overall confidence and decision making in dealing with ever changing traffic situations. Understanding the consequences of distracted driving and reckless behavior. Controlling emotions and providing a safe driving experience for passengers and other road users. Knowledge of road emergencies and vehicle breakdowns.

Las Vegas Driving School

40 Hours Daytime Driving

las vegas driving courses.jpg

Cone Course Practice

Night Driving Lessons on Th Strip

10 Hours Night Driving

Nevada Approved Drivers Ed Course

Nevada Online Drivers Ed 

Parallel Parking Lessons

Parallel Parking 

Las Vegas Freeway Driving Lesson.jpg

Freeway Driving

darwin passing dmv test henderson nevada

DMV Road Test with our vehicle


Carpool to DriversEdge at Las Vegas Speedway


Nevada Drive Academy has 5 star ratings


Teen Distracted Driver Program


Hands On Auto Maintenance 


Roadside Emergency Kit

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