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Parallel Parking Practice








Parallel parking is included in all of our driving courses. 

Although parallel parking is no longer required for the road test, it's still an important skill.

We offer a one hour parking class where we pick you up from home. 

Parallel parking seems to be one of the more difficult skills for new drivers.

But only if they do not have a sequence of steps to follow.

Although not often used on Las Vegas streets parallel parking enables the driver to park a vehicle in a smaller space than would be true of forward parking. Driving forward into a parking space on the side of a road is typically not possible unless two successive parking spaces are empty.


Reversing into the spot via the parallel parking technique allows one to take advantage of a single empty space not much longer than the car (in order to complete the parking within three wheel-turns the parking space would generally need to be about one and a half car-length long).

New drivers learn to use reference points to align themselves in relation to the car in front of the space, to determine the proper angle for backing, and to determine when to turn the steering wheel while backing. They may find it easier to briefly stop at each reference point and turn for the next step.

Our method developed at Nevada Drive Academy combines a few traditional techniques as well as our own unique variations to make parking even easier.

Two major types of parallel parking technique differ in whether they will use two or three positions of the steering wheel while backing. A skilled driver is theoretically able to parallel park by having their car move along two arcs, the first having its center on the parking side of the car and the second having its center on the other side. There will be a point in the transition between these curves where all the car's wheels will be parallel with each other. Less-confident drivers may choose to drive further while transitioning, making it a pronounced middle step of three. Such a step allows greater tolerances to avoid hitting anything, but forces the car to start further from the road's edge and requires more space to the rear.

Our method at Nevada Drive Academy ensures everyone parks equally well.

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