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Nevada DUI Class Online

Nevada DMV Approved Online Course

This course is licensed by the Nevada DMV as an 8 hour Level 1 DUI course. Completion of this course will satisfy Nevada court requirements for court ordered DUI education as part of a plea bargain or sentencing. Once you have completed the course we will report your completion to your court.  You will also receive a Nevada DUI School certificate of completion for your records and/or DUI attorney.  We can also email your certificate immediately to you upon completion if you choose.

Court Approved
Accepted by all Nevada DUI Courts to meet alcohol education requirements for Level 1 Drunk Driving convictions. DMV Licensed, Lowest Cost and a 100% free Victim Impact Panel 100% Online.

Our online DUI program allows instant access to your alcohol school on all smartphones, tablets & computers. Log in 24/7 for the 8hr course: With all time attending recorded.

Instant Certificate
Print your Online DUI School certificate immediately upon completion. Download your documentation: print or fax the image directly to Attorneys & Nevada DUI Courts.

We make your alcohol education school fun, fast and simple with our easy to use online classroom format for your Court Required Drunk Driving Class

The online DUI class is required attendance after a first drunk driving conviction (Level 1) by all Nevada courts for alcohol education to prevent future risks on the road to our students, as well as others around them while on the road. A free Victim Impact Panel & printable certificate is provided for download as soon as you complete the class to send to your lawyer or Nevada Court.

Can I Finish DUI School Before Court?
A: Yes. Any DUI Court defendant can complete the required Lvl 1 DUI Class, online or in-person before their Nevada Criminal Justice Court date, so long as the Alcohol Education School Is Licensed By The DMV.

The court may sentence you  to complete DUI school as part of your sentence requirements. When you enroll and complete the program, it will be your responsibility to provide proof to the court. In addition, the court will require monthly progress reports from your counselor to ensure you are in compliance with the program

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