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Nevada Drive Academy Code of Ethics

Driving School Code Of Practice

Personal Conduct - a driving instructor should:

  • Behave in a professional manner towards clients

  • Treat clients with respect and consideration

  • Be polite, punctual and presentable

  • Avoid physical contact with clients, except in emergencies or in the normal course of greeting

  • Give value for money

  • Not discuss with other pupils any matters that a pupil has disclosed

  • Avoid acting in a way that contravenes legislation on discrimination


      The Training Vehicle Should be:

  • Properly maintained

  • Safe and roadworthy

  • Legal for giving instruction

  • Clean, both internally and externally


      Business Dealings - a driving instructor should:

  • Safeguard and account for any monies paid in advance for driving lessons, test fees or any other purpose. These details should be available to clients on request.

  • Make sure clients are entitled to drive the training vehicle, have a valid driving licence and can read a number plate from the prescribed distance. 

  • Ensure that when presenting a client for a driving test that they have all the correct documentation and that the car is roadworthy.

  • Forecast client's readiness, and advise them when to apply for their theory and practical tests, taking into account local waiting times.

  • Not cancel or rearrange tests without the client's agreement.

  • Make sure a client  is aware of refund policies and any guarantees.

  • Make sure the whole of the lesson time is dedicated to the pupil's instruction, not to any other business.

  • Do their best to teach clients the correct driving skills in accordance the approved standards set forth by the Nevada DMV.

  • Provide clients, on or before their first lesson, with a written copy of their terms of business. This should include:

  • The legal identity of the driving school, together with a full address and telephone number of an address at which the instructor can be contacted.

  • The price and duration of lessons

  • The price and conditions for using the training car for driving tests

  • The terms under which cancellation by either party may take place

  • A complaints procedure

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