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Driving for Work

Driver assessment and training



   Maybe you are a small business with delivery drivers. Or perhaps you are a service company like a locksmith or landscape business. Just because your driver has a clean driving record doesn't mean they are driving safely and following the road rules.

Driving is the most dangerous work activity most people do. Statistically driving for work contributes to far more work related fatalities and injuries than on the actual job site.

In January of 2019 I was with a teenage student driver at Greenvalley high school when we witnessed a pest control company van speeding through the school zone clearly marked as 15mph when children are present.


I estimated the drivers speed closer to 40 mph. He seemed irritated at the slower traffic and even performed an unsafe lane change in the school zone. He also failed to stop at the stop sign.

An crash involving a pedestrian or another vehicle could be the end of a small business. 

Our driver evaluation includes a 1/2 on the road assessment of each driver. During the drive we follow the DMV guidelines as if taking the actual drivers test.

We use a score sheet that you are given that will provide a basis for any further training that may be recommended.

We point out the common bad habits that you would want corrected of your drivers to limit your liability.

As a business owner you should insist your employees follow all the road rules in Nevada.

We also provide contract templates you can use as a condition of employment. That spell out the driver guidelines you expect while under your employment.

You should also check with your commercial auto company for discounts they may provide you for defensive driving course completion.

Recently we assessed a local Las Vegas company driver that had been in three crashes over the course of 5 years.

One of those crashes resulted in a lawsuit against the driver and also the company he worked for.

During our 3 driving sessions I was able to identify several behaviors that contributed to these unfortunate incidents.

A combination of inattentiveness and not following specific rules at stop lights.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a driver evaluation you can call us or book online

A few of the common behaviors we see of commercial driver while teaching students

  • Speeding

  • Not coming to a complete stop

  • No signal

  • Unsafe lane changes

  • Aggressive driving

  • Rear window obscured with boxes

  • Failure to yield

  • Inattention or distraction

Some drivers may find driver assessment or training intimidating or feel it is unnecessary, so clear positive communication is important. Explain that your company's image and reputation can be affected positively or negatively be the way your staff drives.

You could include driving issues in your staff meetings. Reminders about specific traffic rules they need to follow at all times.

Road crashes are not just caused by driver error of course, but also the nation of the driving that the employees are required to do.


For example their schedules, time pressure which contributes to emotional stress and mental distraction. Also one overlooked factor is type of vehicles they drive. Often commercial vans do not have side windows that can be used to look at the blind spots.

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