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Las Vegas Driver Refresher Course
Las Vegas Driver Refresher Course

Stopped driving for awhile and need to get going again?

Do you feel too tense while driving in Las Vegas? Maybe your driving skills are a bit rusty.


We will take you out at get you reaquainted with the roads, Nevada road rules and traffic patterns around Las Vegas. The Las Vegas refresher driving course can be tailored to your individual needs.



Our Las Vegas Driver Refresher course can include:


  • Specific routes around Las Vegas like to and from work or school

  • Freeway and night driving in Las Vegas

  • Airport, tunnel, roundabouts and bridges

  • Lane changes in heavier traffic conditions

  • Reversing and parking practice

  • Develop new skills. And best practices for defensive driving in Las Vegas

  • Identify and break bad driving habits

Why take a Refresher Driving Course?

Well! It will help you become a better, safer and a more confident driver on Las Vegas roadways.

Brushing up on safer driving principles reduces the risk to yourself and automatically to other road users.

  • Have not driven for a while

  • Need to regain your confidence after an accident

  • Need to make sure you are up to speed if you are helping a friend  or relative to drive

  • Would like to generally improve the standard of your driving

  • Would like to practice parking, freeway and night driving


It’s a quick, easy and useful way to update your driving skills and recieve expert advice from a professional driving instructor. Call Nevada Drive Academy for more information on our Las Vegas Nevada Driver Refreser Course.


Las Vegas Driver Refresher Course
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