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Drivers Ed Class in Las Vegas

Nevada Drive Academy offers online Drivers Ed

Drivers Ed Class in Las Vegas

Developed by an insurance company in the early 1950s, the Aetna Drivotrainer simulated driving experience at less cost than on-the-road training. Las Vegas High school students watched real-time traffic films while "driving" consoles with actual Ford automobile parts, including a steering wheel, brake, accelerator, and speedometer. An instructor monitored students' reactions on a central console. 


Most Las Vegas High Schools no longer offer drivers ed for teens. Generally due to budget constraints. You can however complete the 30 hour teen drivers ed requirement online.


Our teen drivers ed course is one of the oldest in the country and approved for Nevada.


A completion certificate is issued at the end of the course which you will present to the DMV when taking the road test. If the student is still under the age of 18.

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