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Use this chart to evaluate your teen’s critical general driving skills.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all driving maneuvers.

Add additional skills found in your driving environment such as roundabouts and draw bridges.

Starting the car – buckles seat belt, checks mirrors, starts smoothly, removes parking break

Posture – drives at least 10 inches from steering wheel and able to easily see out windshield,
sits up with knees and elbows slightly bent both hands on the steering wheel
Forward movement - uses signal before pulling out into traffic, smooth acceleration,
consistent speed, stays within lane, maintains proper distance
Traffic lights – Observes light, slows down and stops smoothly behind line when light is
red. Stops before turning right on red, starts promptly on green
Stop signs – Observes sign in advance, slows down smoothly, comes to a complete stop,
checks traffic in all directions before proceeding. Proceeds through 4-way stop intersection
at proper time

Yield signs and caution lights- Observes sign, checks traffic flow, adjusts speed to allow
those with right of way to proceed 

Lane Changes – Signals changes in advance, checks mirrors before making change, changes
only where highway marking indicate such change is permissible, allows adequate space
without having to quickly accelerate

Use of Turn Lanes – Signals lane change, checks before changing into lane, maintains
adequate distance, obeys traffic signal
Left and right turns - Signals turn, checks traffic before proceeding, allows ample space on
left turns, stays in /turns into correct lane, does not cut across corners.
Backing – Backs slowly and deliberately and in a straight line or as needed, looks back
through rear window
Parking – signals turn into space, parks between lines pulling fully into space
Driver Courtesy – Demonstrates patience, does not yell at others, blast horn or make hand
gestures to pedestrians or other vehicle operators in anger or frustration. Maintains proper

distance between vehicles - does not tailgate or switch lanes aggressively or erratically.
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