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U Turns in Las Vegas Nevada


 U-turns can be very dangerous, and should only be done where they are legal.

 • Begin the U-turn in the left lane, closest to the center line or median.

• Be sure there is enough room to make the turn without hitting the curb or any parked cars.

• Signal to indicate the direction of the turn, checking carefully for oncoming traffic.

 • Move forward, turning the wheel sharply to turn around.

 • Finish the U-turn in the opposite direction and accelerate to an appropriate speed.

You must also yield to someone making a U Turn in front of you


Legal U-Turns


You may make a legal U-turn in Las Vegas:

Across a double yellow line when it is safe and legal

In a Las Vegas residential district.

If there are no vehicles approaching you within 200 feet.

Whenever a traffic sign, light, or traffic signal light protects you from approaching vehicles.

At an intersection on a green traffic signal light or green arrow, unless a “No U turn” sign is posted.

On a divided highway, only if an opening is provided in the center divider.









Illegal U-Turns


Never make a U-turn:

  • At or on a railroad crossing

  • On a divided Nevada highway by crossing a dividing section, curb, strip of land, or two sets of double yellow lines

  • Where you cannot see clearly 200 feet in each direction because of a curve, hill, rain, fog, or other reason

  • Where a “No U-Turn” sign is posted in Las Vegas and Nevada

  • When other vehicles may hit you

  • On a one-way las vegas street

  • In front of a fire station. Never use a fire station driveway to turn your vehicle around

  • In Las Vegas Nevada business districts. Areas with churches, apartments, multifamily housing units, and public buildings (except schools) are also considered to be business districts. Turn only at an intersection, unless a sign prohibits it, or where openings are provided for turns.

U Turns in Las Vegas
Illegal U Turns in Nevada
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