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Roadside Emergency Kit
Included with our 50 hour driving course

Roadside Emergecy Kit included with our 50 hour master driving course

Adds An Extra Level Of Safety with the Auto Emergency Kit in your car means your prepared for any road emergency.
Be fully Prepared when your car unluckily break down on the road.

High Quality
Products are packed with top quality competent. All components and tools were handpicked to ensure quality and that you will be prepared in most crisis situations.

Durable and Portable
The Roadside Car Emergency Kit is easy to carry, small and lightweight, yet holds the essential emergency supplies .Having first aid supplies and preparedness items gathered ahead of time will help you handle an emergency at a moment's notice.

Unique Design 
Compared with other's square carry bag, this TRIANGLE shape carry case is unique and space saving.

Useful kit for most auto emergencies, such as: winter weather, road trips, dead battery, minor breakdown etc. 

What You Get:
1*Reflective Warning Triangle 
1*Reflective Safety Vest
1*Tow rope
2*Gloves with Gripping Palm ( 1 pair) 
1*Safety Hammer and Seatbelt Cutter 
1*Hand Driven LED Flash Light
1*Adhesive Tape
1*Rain Coat
1*Tire Pressure Gauge
1*Jumper Cables
1*Plastic tweezers
1*Multi-function Blade
1*180cmX200 cm Fire Blanket
10*Cotton Swabs
10*Safety Pins
1*Compact carry bag 

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