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Adaptive Equipment and Driving Lessons for Special Needs 


Teen Drivers Ed Program Click Here

Currently not providing special needs equipment and training. Check back

Our Las Vegas Driving School can provide adaptive equipment for special needs drivers.
As well as driving lessons, road test practice and use of our vehicle for the test.

Call to discuss your individual needs. Ask for Jeff

You can also book an appointment online and we will call you to discuss the details.

If you have your own equipment or controls we can retrofit to our vehicle for the driving practice. Our vehicles have passenger brake for the instructor as well as additional mirrors.

If you are in need however of a special vehicle there are several Las Vegas dealerships you can visit. There is also a licensed rehabilitation specialist in the area. Call for referral information.

Below is a list of some of the adaptive equipment we can provide during the driving practice. If you do not see your specific requirement below call to discuss.

Pedal Extenders for Short Drivers


Spinner Knobs for Single Handed Drivers


Universal Signal Crossover


Portable Pedal Hand Controls


Seat Cushions for Shorter Drivers


Wink Mirrors

Special needs mirror for individuals with limited head mobility and poor or declining vision. Helps in reducing blind zones around the vehicle.

Las Vegas Driving Lessons for Special Needs 

Nevada Drive Academy


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