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Looking for a Driving School in Henderson Nevada?

We are a DMV licensed Driving School in Henderson Nevada near Las Vegas.

Nevada Drive Academy provides adult and teen driving lessons throughout
Henderson and Las Vegas.

You can stop searching - Call today for a consultation and lesson special.


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Nevada Drive Academy of Henderson NV for Behind The Wheel Lessons.

For Driving School Lesson Scheduling Call 702-496-7988


We offer door to door service. We pick you up from your Henderson home, work or school. Each comprehensive behind the wheel lesson in Henderson is two hours. We teach driving to all ages and skill levels.

Let us help you pass your Las Vegas NV DMV test with confidence !

What are students say

Our instructors will help you practice on many of the Henderson NV streets that might appear on your driving test. The Henderson DMV is located on Stephanie and American Pacific. Our driving school office is located nearest to the Henderson DMV.  You can schedule an appointment to meet us at the office. Or if you are renting our vehicle for your driving test we can meet you in the Henderson DMV parking lot. For driving lessons we normally pick students up from their home, school or work. Not all driving schools offer this door to door service in Henderson.

Our Henderson Driving School provides polite and professional instruction and also teaches in multiple languages including Spanish. Our vision is to help make our Las Vegas streets safer through professionally trained students.

     Henderson NV Driving School Owner Operator

Henderson Teen Driving School
Henderson Driving School located in Henderson NV near me

Jeff Garrett

I live in Henderson Nevada. What requirements must I meet to be able to get my first Nevada driver's license?   Take the written test at the Henderson DMV located on Stephanie Street. The teen must be 15 1/2 years old. For further requirements please contact us by phone or visit our Henderson NV Driving School Office. 

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