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Some advice for parents of teen drivers

Parents and Teens Practice Defensive Driving Together in Las Vegas

If you do not feel safe riding with your son or daughter, then don't. Just because they passed the driver's exam does not mean they will continue to practice proper behavior behind the wheel.

I would not support the purchase of a car until my teen has demonstrated at least 6 months of safe driving with no major mistakes. I need to see constant improvement and motivation in my teen to become a better driver.

Teens will often not listen to you, especially if you tend to yell. I have had parents ride with us during the lesson. They will often comment how their son or daughter drives better with me than when they are in the car with them.

I can control the vehicle, therefore there is a different atmosphere in the car. I also understand the learning process and therefore I can follow an outline. And adapt to each students individual needs. They cannot learn, nor concentrate if they sense you are stressed. In fact there are several cases recently where the young driver simply stops driving. Because the experience is so unpleasant with the parent.

Beyond all the above, learning to drive in Las Vegas has its unique challenges. If you are determined to teach your teen how to drive follow an outline and have goals along the way. That way the experience can be rewarding for everyone.

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