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Senior Drivers Face Challenges

Nobody looks forward to the day they might need to give up driving. It's a scary thought. Driving is freedom. Mobility to go wherever we want whenever we choose. To visit our friends and loved ones.

I hope to drive as long as possible. If you are getting up there in age or you know someone you are concerned about. We provide driving evaluations that can help point out areas that need special attention.

Here's a few common themes and questions to ask yourself or loved one. Perhaps reducing your driving time and finding other modes of transportation if possible

  • Do other drivers often honk at me?

  • Have I had some accidents, even if they were only “fender benders”?

  • Do I get lost, even on roads I know?

  • Do cars or people walking seem to appear out of nowhere?

  • Do I get distracted while driving?

  • Have family, friends, or my doctor said they’re worried about my driving?

  • Am I driving less these days because I’m not as sure about my driving as I used to be?

  • Do I have trouble staying in my lane?

  • Do I have trouble moving my foot between the gas and the brake pedals, or do I sometimes confuse the two?

  • Have I been pulled over by a police officer about my driving

  • Do I feel confused more frequently?

Call today to schedule a Senior Evaluation


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