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5 DMV Road Test Myths You May Have Heard

Las Vegas Driving School DMV Road Test Practice

1. If you are a good driver you will pass with no problem

If for example you are coming from another state and for some reason required to take the road test in Nevada, you need to know the road rules of Nevada. There are differences compared to other states. Some people tend to get too nervous on their test and make mistakes they never normally do.

We can go over the road test and what to expect with the examiner. Or maybe you are coming from another country where you may have been driving for many years. The rules may be completely different here. The examiners are sure to test you on the fundamental skills and rules for Las Vegas NV.

2. If you fail the first time you will automatically pass the 2nd time

There is no guarantee of passing on any number of road tests you may have to take. You need to understand what you are doing wrong. Many people do not have anyone to practice with. A driving school can be a good investment. Maybe you only need one lesson to fix those areas needing improvement.

3. Practice runs are not helpful

Practicing around the DMV routes is very helpful. You will know some of what to expect. Less surprises. Driving schools are often familiar with some of the routes examiners may take.

Practicing Parallel Parking at the barrels is essential also.

3. Examiners are not allowed to pass everyone

Examiners are not out to fail you. They follow a checklist of skills you need to perform. You lose points on easy mistake. If you do something illegal that may mean an automatic fail. They could terminate the test and take you back early.

Would you like to schedule a DMV Road Test Practice Lesson?

You can call text of book online 702-496-7988

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