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Car Rental for DMV Test

Nevada Drive Academy, a DMV licensed behind the wheel driving school in Las Vegas provides car rentals for the DMV practical road test.

However you must be an experienced safe driver, understand all the rules of the road in Nevada, and know how to parallel park.

You should have practiced parallel parking at the barrels before scheduling your drive test.

I always qualify individuals on the phone wishing to rent our vehicles. On occasion someone will tell us they have "years" of driving experience. This sometimes turns out not to be the case.

You the driver, are responsible for the safety of the DMV examiner. Taking the test is not an experiment to see if you can pass. You must be 100% ready.

I had one individual recently that had told me he was an "expert" at parallel parking and not to worry.

It seems he never actually parallel parked in his life according to the examiner.

If you have no idea what to expect on the road test then it would be best to schedule the practice run before the test and not just the car rental.

If you are not ready for the test I will advise you not to take it. Additional practice lessons might be in order.

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